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21 I am proud of this Great achievement of the State of Orissa towards E-Governance.

Justice A. K. Patnaik

Judge, Supreme Court of India

22 The department has asked a private company (Luminous Infoways) to develop a software package for a central monitoring mechanism to track requests under RTI. This software is truly impressive, allowing I & PR to track requests across government through all phases from the initial application for information to the response of individual PIOs as well as the status of appeals. The software allows departments to upload information relating to 17 fields covered by the suo motu disclosure provisions of Section 4 (1b) of the RTI Act, although the information actually provided was scanty in the case of some departments. As a result, the INPR department issued a circular on September 23, 2009 asking all public authorities to provide a report on the extent of their compliance with the suo-moto disclosure requirements of the RTI Act or risk disciplinary proceedings against them. The key issue here will be change management: persuading public authorities to use and update this software package on a regular basis, thus enabling INPR to track the performance of both individual public authorities and PIOs under the RTI Act, as well as compliance with their suo-motu disclosure obligations.

The World Bank

New Delhi

23 CMM for RTI - a laudable effort indeed. Thanks for the initiative

S. Sukla

Under Secretary, GA(AR) Department

24 RTI Portal (www.rtiorissa.gov.in) by Govt. of Orissa is really helpful to disseminate as much as information to public under RTI Act, 2005. This will make Government more transparent. Wish all success.

P. Mallick

Under Secretary-cum-PIO Cooperation Department

25 The RTI CMM is a robust system, where the e-filing system facilitates to generate Annual Report easily. This is very much useful to maintain all RTI related Registers in a single mechanism.

T. Ahemad

Former Dy. Director-cum-Dy. Secretary-cum-PIO I &PR Department

26 Nice website with all its information categorized and we don’t have to visit to any other website for any information related to this department and its subordinate offices.

Raghunath Mohapatra

Citizen E-mail: raghumo[at]gmail[dot]com Cuttack

27 RTI-CMM is a wonderful site all thanks to I& PR Department for this step related to e-governance.

Googly Pradhan

RTI-CMM is a wonderful site all thanks to I& PR Department for this step related to e-governance. Googly Pradhan Citizen E-mail: Pradha123[at]gmail[dot]com Nimapara

28 Good and Informative. All the information are categorized orderly.

Bhima Sahoo

Citizen E-mail: bhima[at]yahoo[dot]com Koraput

29 Information in the RTI-CMM Website is put in a very uniform manner and all the manuals are also updated regularly.

Sonakshi Sharma

Citizen E-mail: sharma[at]rediffmail[dot]com Deogarh

30 All the information in the RTI-CMM website is very good and uniformed.

Ritesh Dholakia


31 Thanks to I&PR Department and RTI Portal due to this website and this initiative we can get all the information on a single Website.

Monalisa Sathpathy

Citizen E-mail: monalisa[at]yahoomail[dot]com Jharsuguda

32 It’s a remarkable step from Govt. of Orissa. Wish for Orissa growth, and prosperity. Congrats


Citizen E-mail: dr.dk.naik[at]gmail[dot]com

33 Very Structured Information regarding decision making process of your department. Thanks.

P.K Sahoo

Citizen E-mail: pksahoo[at]gmail[dot]com Bhubaneswar

34 Hi, This is a wonderful initiative by Govt. of Orissa. Really technology has been used to help citizen to have RTI Advantage.RTI is one of the key factors of developed Country and I am sure our State is on track now. Great effort by Govt. All the best.

Bob Pattnaik

Citizen E-mail: bob_patk[at]yahoo[dot]com Florida United states

35 Dear Sir, This Web Platform is good for every odia, Thanks

Bhuban Mohan Bhuyan

Citizen E-mail: bmbhuyan[at]gmail[dot]com Gouda bada Sahi, Puri, Orissa

36 The RTI Act is very useful to the people who are very general. In this system every one could get information about a govt. servant. And also it helps to know about the person who gives the duplicate certificate for service. Ok thank you RTI Act.

Susanta Kumar Biswal

Citizen E-mail: mitu.gitu[at]gmail[dot]com Sukal, Sakhigopal, Puri, Orissa

37 Sir, Respectfully, At First I congratulate and thanks to you for implementing the RTI Act, 2005 through this IT initiative. This will help citizen to have basic information regarding Govt. functionaries. So here, in the Manual-12, you please provide the various schemes and its status information as prescribed.

Satyaranjan Panda

Citizen E-mail: satya[at]gmail[dot]com Saheed Nagar,Bhubaneswar

38 This is a very attractive and good step taken by Nodal Department for tracking the Public Authority Government of Orissa must have to take necessary steps for implement this system completely. Is it possible for all the Departments to publish the list of Public Authority under their administrative control with their contact name and numbers from directorate offices to field level offices? Because due to this information the Citizen can able to contact the offices without any directory.

Biplab Kumar Mohanty

E-mail: rtianalyst[at]gmail[dot]com

39 RTI portal is very important for citizen. I gain vast of knowledge on our system especially RWD, Padampur. Manual -1 is very cleared to me.

Rashmi Ranjan Rout

E-mail: rasmi_rout855[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

40 This site is very useful for the general public to get information under RTI Act 2005 and provide facility to submit RTI application to any Public authority at any time at any place. Necessary steps may be taken to facilitate online tendering of application fees under RTI Act 2005 by the help of Debit Card and Credit Card to get the main objective of this portal

Jayanta Kumar Das

E-mail: jayanta6544[at]rediffmail[dot]com