How to submit RTI Appeal

This section guides an appellant to know the procedure of submission of RTI appeal online. It helps the citizen to help apply online appeal. Please read the details before proceed further.

RTI Appeal against Application page will be displayed in front of you. Please fill up the required fields as given in the form and click on Submit button in the last.

Sl No. Name of the field Description Whether Required
1 Full Name of the Appellant Name of the appellant/information seeker is to be mentioned. Mandatory
2  Address Address of the Appellant where he is staying is to be given for correspondence. Mandatory
3 State By default it comes Orissa. Any other is to be selected from the drop down list. Mandatory
4 District Name of the concerned District is to be selected from the drop down list. Mandatory
5 Block/ULB Concerned District Block name is to be selected from the drop down list. Optional
6 Panchayat/Ward Panchayat name to be written in this text box. Optional
7 Name of the office or Department to which the information relates Name of the Department to which the information relates is to be entered/selected from the drop down list Mandatory
8 Concerned Public Authority Select  Name of the Public Authority coming under the concerned Department to which the information relates Mandatory
9 Mobile No Any Phone number is to be given for correspondence. Optional
10 Country By default it comes India. If other is to be selected from the drop down list. Mandatory
11 Particulars of Public Information Officer About PIO should be mentioned Mandatory
12 Date of receipt of the order appealed against Receipt date of order should be written Mandatory
13 Last date for filing the appeal Write Last Date Optional
14 Nature and subject matter of the information required Subject matter of information should be reflected Mandatory
15 The grounds for appeal Reson Should be reflected Optional
16 Upload File An upload text box with browse button at right side, prompts the appellant to upload the scan copy of the identity in favour of BPL from his/her local computer. It is advised to upload the pdf. copy of the order so as to save both time of uploading and system storage space. Optional
17 Enter Capuche Given numeric number should be entered Mandatory
18 Submit Button Click on Submit Button Mandatory

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