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1 I am too much excited that, after RTI training at Konark(Dist Puri) From date 01.03.2016 to 02.03.2016 facilitated by Horsha Parichha,Domain Expert, Luminous Infoways Organized by Lalatendu Mohapatra, DI&PRO, Puri through RTI Act I successed my right for which I was being fight with Bishnu priya Choudhuriani (Jamindar) for my living place since 8 years. Thanks to "RTI ACT 2005"

Modan Mohan Dalai

Gop, Tarakora

2 Right to Information Central Monitoring Mechanism (RTI CMM) is truly new infusion for RTI comply expeditiously by Public Authorities, said by Shri Lalatendu Mohapatra, DI&PRO, Puri.

Shri Lalatendu Mohapatra

DI&PRO, Puri

3 In fact RTI CMM is really helpfull for Public Authorities said Smt. Namita Barik, ORS Election Officer Collectorate, Jajpur.

Smt. Namita Barik, ORS

Election Officer Collectorate, Jajpur

4 RTI CMM is a weapon for Public Authority to perform RTI section 10 severability and RTI section 6(3) Transfer of RTI application .

Shri Gurbir Singh

DI&PRO, Ganjam

5 Each and Every Public Authority should disseminate proactive disclosure in RTI CMM web portal, because it is a right channel of Govt.

Aparti Mallick, SARCS

Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies,Banki Circle,Banki

6 “RTI Act, 2005 and its management through RTI CMM has brought social change for transparency and accountability”.

Bijay Kumar Khandayat Ray

ADM, Cuttack

7 “RTI CMM is a web page which leads us to access information in a short period of time.”

Sri Jaya Surya Rath, OAS

Block Development Officer, Jatani

8 In a modern era RTI CMM IT intervention in RTI Act is a good initiative by Information and Public Relation Department, which will help to both Government and Citizen.

Smt. Rashmi Rekha Das, OAS

Block Development Officer, Balipatana

9 RTI CMM is a good IT for RTI segment

Arati Sahu, OAS

Block Development Officer

10 "RTI CMM is a standard helping technology to render RTI works, please update all the information regularly through this system".

Sri Santosh Kumar Sethy

DI&PRO, Jajpur

11 RTI CMM is a house to publish RTI information

Sri Pramod Kumar Sahoo.

Deputy secretary

12 Suomotu RTI information will be nicely publish in RTI CMM

Er. Nagendranath Maharana

Deputy Director, HRD (TCB&CP)

13 “RTI information should be disclosed through RTI CMM for easy access of Public domain”

Sri Jyaoti Kumar Lakra, OAS

Additional secretary to Govt, FS & CW deptt.

14 I am proud of this Great achievement of the State of Orissa towards E-Governance.

Justice A. K. Patnaik

Judge, Supreme Court of India

15 CMM for RTI - a laudable effort indeed. Thanks for the initiative.

S. Sukla

Under Secretary GA(AR) Department

16 I am delighted to know that Information & Public Relations Department, Govt. of Orissa, while implementing my quasi judicial order has put in place an RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism called Loka Soochana in this state. As I have studied the RTI portal, Luminous Infoways have meticulously planned and executed the IT intervention in the process of RTI implementation in Govt. of Orissa. This is quite superb.

Sri D. N. Padhi

Sri D. N. Padhi Former State Chief Information Commissioner, Orissa

17 I am proud of this Great achievement of the State of Orissa towards E-Governance.

Justice A. K. Patnaik

Judge, Supreme Court of India

18 The department has asked a private company (Luminous Infoways) to develop a software package for a central monitoring mechanism to track requests under RTI. This software is truly impressive, allowing I & PR to track requests across government through all phases from the initial application for information to the response of individual PIOs as well as the status of appeals. The software allows departments to upload information relating to 17 fields covered by the suo motu disclosure provisions of Section 4 (1b) of the RTI Act, although the information actually provided was scanty in the case of some departments. As a result, the INPR department issued a circular on September 23, 2009 asking all public authorities to provide a report on the extent of their compliance with the suo-moto disclosure requirements of the RTI Act or risk disciplinary proceedings against them. The key issue here will be change management: persuading public authorities to use and update this software package on a regular basis, thus enabling INPR to track the performance of both individual public authorities and PIOs under the RTI Act, as well as compliance with their suo-motu disclosure obligations.

The World Bank

New Delhi

19 CMM for RTI - a laudable effort indeed. Thanks for the initiative

S. Sukla

Under Secretary, GA(AR) Department

20 RTI Portal (www.rtiorissa.gov.in) by Govt. of Orissa is really helpful to disseminate as much as information to public under RTI Act, 2005. This will make Government more transparent. Wish all success.

P. Mallick

Under Secretary-cum-PIO Cooperation Department

RTI CMM is a Central Monitoring Mechanism by Govt. of Odisha to ensure the implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005 at all public authorities of Govt. of Odisha. This is developed with an objective to provide single point access of all RTI related information catering to Section-4, Section-25 of RTI Act, 2005 in an uniform manner. This project is monitored by Department of Information & Public Relations, Govt. of Odisha [Nodal Department of Govt. of Odisha for RTI Implementation] in collaboration with Luminous Infoways. Content on this website is published by respective public authorities and managed by Information & Public Relations Department, Govt. of Odisha. For any query regarding this website please contact Web Information Leader : Sri Basant Kumar Mohanty, Chief Monitoring Officer , RTI Implementation, Odisha. e-mail: rti-ori[at]nic[dot]in.